[EVENT CANCELLED] Cloud, Kubernetes, and Service Networking: Taming the Turtles

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Networking in Kubernetes is a black art to most people. It mostly works, and you mostly don’t have to care. However for debugging issues - including day 2 performance and security issues - a correct mental model is crucial. Add the complexities of the underlying VPC, and a service mesh like Istio, and it’s hard to know where one ends and the next starts, let alone how they interact. And that’s before we talk about how they all use eBPF.

In this session, I’ll show how all the layers work and interact, covering things like

  • What’s CNI vs kube-proxy?
  • What’s the “Kubernetes Networking Model” and how does it interact with cloud providers’ VPCs?
  • How’s iptables and eBPF used by all these systems?


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