Cross-cluster Calls Made Easy with Istio 1.1


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Despite the now-common practice of spinning up multiple clusters across multiple regions, cross-cluster communication between the services running in them is still a huge issue. We rarely bother, or when we do, it’s hard-coded at the application level. Holes are punched in our ingress. Traffic traverses the open internet with hand-crafted addresses, no observability, and one-way TLS.

Istio already helps communication within a cluster: adding layer 7 routing, automatic security and more. The new version 1.1 can now do that between clusters.

This talk will guide you through using Istio’s latest features to easily setup secure, resilient, cross-cluster communication. Matt will talk through the required config before showing a demo of an app seamlessly spanning Kubernetes clusters. The full config will be made available so you can head straight home and give it a go on your own systems!


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