Dynamically Testing Individual Microservice Releases in Production



A lot of us test new versions of services in our Production environment, since it’s the best way to get representative, reliable results. If the new service is “on the edge” of the topology then hitting it is easy, as the test clients can directly call it. But if it’s in the middle of a chain of services, then calling the current versions of all of them, except one beta version in the middle of the chain, is the dream.

This kind of advanced traffic control is possible with a Service Mesh like Istio. But the configuration needed to enable this for all versions of all services is complex and error-prone. In this session Matt will show you how to use an Operator which auto-generates the necessary config. We’ll see how just deploying a new version results in all the necessary config for sophisticated “override-based testing”. Matt will walk through the technique, the underlying config, and the operator that generates it from Deployments.

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