Extending Envoy for Our Use: An End User Adoption Story from Fidelity

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Various Envoy based products and projects exist to provide API gateway features. But what to do if needing to replace a highly used traditional enterprise API management product. Not every project has a compatible set of policies with the same behaviors. Not to mention the differences on the API management side (developer portal, policy registry, API enablement workflows, etc). If having an extensive library of policy rules and configurations, and deep integration with an existing product, it makes sense to recreate the much needed policies for an Envoy based replacement and create a new management portal in line with the existing setup for a smooth and controlled takeout.

So how do we build out our Envoy based API management platform to replace the traditional API management ecosystem with full traffic load within a year? What have we learned so far about the ecosystem and how can it help you decide what to do when in a similar situation? We’ll discuss our journey, integrating the go-control-plane to drive xDS APIs, creating custom C++ & WASM filters to recreate heavily used policies, integrating external break-out services, building a dynamic filter chain allowing for branching and callouts, as well as translating and integrating with existing configuration stores and formats.


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