Istio - The Packet's-Eye View


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The Istio project reached 1.0 this summer, and is mature enough to have LTS releases. It’s getting a lot of attention, but in a lot of ways it’s still a mystery. You’ve probably read about it, you might have tried it, but do you really understand it? It promises advances routing, security, and resiliency, all for free! In this session I’ll present a practical introduction to the operation of Istio - what features it can bring to your environment.

What’s unique about this talk is that we’ll be exploring the different parts of Istio by following one plucky little packet into the mesh, through it, and out again. As we meet each component we’ll learn why it’s there, what it does, and see a demo of how to configure it for common tasks. This will leave you not only with slides showing example configs, but a valuable mental model and a unique insight into the service mesh’s operation.